Golf fitness, What Is It?

Golf fitness has become important in the game thanks to Tiger Woods and other players like Rory Mcilroy and Brooks Koepka have followed suit. From generating explosive power down to stretching to improve your flexibility these are all areas golfers work on.

To help you get the most out of your golf game we’ve teamed up with The Golf PT Ray to give you a simple 6 week course.  We will focus on what golf fitness is, how it can help improve your game and some exercises you can do that will help strengthen and condition your body!

This week Ray talks you through what golf fitness is and why you should be thinking about it in your game.

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To here more from Ray take a listen to our chat on our golfcast it’s only 25 minutes and is incredibly insightful into this growing aspect of the game.
As we go through this series Ray will focus on stretches and exercises to do at home or before you play to help you hit the ball further, unlock your hips so more turn and how working on your posture can help you hit it longer and straighter.

Ray Jakeman - The Golf PT on golf course

About The Golf PT:

Ray Jakeman is The Golf PT. He’s based in the West Midlands and offers a personal training service for golfers and other sports. His aim is to look at areas of your game along with physical ability and design a tailored training programme for you.

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