Garcia: 'I can't wait to leave this Tour'

Sergio Garcia has always been on the potential list to play in the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Invitational Series and this week he somewhat gave the game away with a trademark outburst at the Wells Fargo Championship on the PGA Tour.

The Spaniard pulled his drive at the 10th and couldn't find his ball, after a short while it was located but a rules official claimed that it was outside the permitted time of three minutes. Which then led to the 42-year-old reverting to type (see the Tweet below).

He then actually saved his par and, to make matters worse, the PGA Tour admitted that they had made an 'inadvertent error' in a statement after the round.

"As Garcia entered the penalty area, a referee located on the 10th hole started a search time clock, as it appeared a search for the golf ball had begun. Unbeknownst to the referee, the players in the group were told by a TV spotter that the ball was on the far side of the creek, and at the point, Garcia spent a considerable amount of time trying to access the other side of the creek.

"This was not in clear view of the referee due to other players in the group playing, so the time clock was still running on the search, when it should have been paused. When the ball was found by Garcia, the referee's three-minute search time had expired, and Garcia was informed the ball was treated as lost."

So we could all have been saved the petty outburst and we could have gone on guessing whether Garcia would be looking to request a release to play at Centurion in June. Supposedly it has been confirmed that he was asked for the release, not that we need much confirmation.