GameGolf me up!

I love a stat me, so when GameGolf launched their tracking App last week I had to get on board. I had been eyeing up the full device for a while as I had seen and read many good reviews on helping improve a players game, but at £150 I was a little hesitant to shell out the hard earned.

Now the App is downloadable for FREE I wanted to give it a crack in an effort to make my mind up on buying the full kit. Well one round in and I’m hooked! Take a look at my round here and feel free to follow me if you are also a Game Golfer –

Tilgate Forrest is no easy track, tree lined everywhere, and considering its a municipal course in pretty good nick (the greenstaff are working hard on it at the moment all for the better). For a tenner to play 18 holes its a really good test to pick you way round each hole. I only pulled the driver once, everything else was 2 and 4 irons off the tee. Finding fairways is key to scoring here. Def worth a play if you in the area and want a cheap round with some interesting hole layouts.

The insights the app/software provide is great to tracking my game, I need more rounds on it to really start seeing the main high and lowlights of how I play, but I can see it becoming really useful. Using the app on course was ok, I would think that if playing with others it would slow play down a bit, but thats whats the full GG device is for, you just “tag and go” as they say. All in all I’m keeping an eye out for a 2nd hand unit if they can be found, I don’t know why anyone would not want to keep using it though!

Alternatively, if Game Golf would like to gift me one as a thanks for the review and plug here I am always happy to accept! Find me on Twitter  @Si_Berry

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