Fitzpatrick: The money LIV are offering are crazy sums

In among all the millions of dollars flying around at the moment we now have a very classy new major champion in Matt Fitzpatrick, we actually have three of them this year in Scottie Scheffler and Justin Thomas. Next month hopefully we'll get a fourth and, in the years to come, we'll be able to look back at some amazing majors played on some amazing courses.

Fitzpatrick has always provided some good opinions on the game, he comes from a very normal family in Sheffield and you won't see him changing with his new-found success. He plays the game quickly, he invests an awful lot of time into getting better and he plays the game for the right reasons.

Even without the US Open success he has made enough money to be very comfortable for the rest of his life and it was his close shave at the PGA Championship that hit home in terms of what he wants from the game.

“The money they’re (LIV) offering you opens your eyes a little bit and you’re taken aback. Tiger made a quote about legacy and winning trophies and this proved that deep down that’s what I want to do. I finished fifth in a Major and I wasn’t disappointed that I lose out on x thousand more money, I was disappointed that I hadn’t won the tournament, that was what hurt the most, not losing the money. That’s why we all play, that’s certainly why I play because I want to win and I want to be the best, it’s just my competitive nature.”

Incredibly his younger brother Alex, who has only recently turned professional, was offered seven figures to join the LIV circus which, no doubt, would also serve as a teaser to lining up his older brother.

“I was pleased that he made the decision that he did. It’s obviously much tougher for him than it is for me. He’s not set himself up and he’s still relying on me and my mum and dad to help him out and that’s a difficult position to be in particularly when you get offered these crazy sums in front of you. It certainly makes you think. Hopefully in the long run it’s the right decision. Obviously we won’t know for a few years until he gets himself settled but I believe he can easily be good enough to be out here and play regularly and play well and succeed, he’s just got to go out there and enjoy it.”