Hi Golf-Friends and People all over the world.

It’s a pleasure to announce that I’m part of the Bunker Mentality Family since this year.

I’m Claudio (44) from Switzerland, born and living with my Family in Zurich, with two lovely daughters, four and one and a half.

As half Italian I love to wear stylish clothes. Last year I saw the ambassador Max Benz in Lissabon wearing the BM Outfit and was excited about the style and the colorful pieces. Thanks BM for the opportunity to wear it well!

I play golf since 2011. Before i played 20 years of Football and did Triathlon, two times Ironman-Finisher.

With current hcp 18.5, I usually play courses around Zurich, mainly Holzhäusern, Nuolen or Ybrig.

Since the Beginning, once a year I do a Golf Trip around the world with a group of five Friends (Garda Boyz).

Our Motto is: Try to play well but have fun and drink some beer.

In the future I’ll post some pictures and share some news.

So far, stay tuned and hit it hard.

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