Don't Try This At Home!

As much as we might like to think that we are, the majority of us are nowhere near the level of the top tour professional. Stepping out onto the first tee, maybe slightly hungover or still half asleep, is lightyears away from those doing it for a living who go through a full warm up routine.

In the world of golf, the YouTube channel "Good Good" have amassed quite a following over recent times. These guys are just normal golfers, with a creative eye for what people find entertaining within golf. So much so when they held their live event earlier this week, they managed to create an almost tour-like atmosphere. Crowds were lining the first tee, and all eyes were on the Good Good team playing.

Whilst they may be used to being infront of the camera, and indeed playing golf with the eye of the lense focussing in on them, combine that with a narrow tee area and a lot of eyes watching and it was asking for trouble.....!

Remember kids...don't try this at home!


@parkedoesgolf @Garrett Clark smokes one into croud at dobson ranch event #golf #golftiktok #golftok ♬ original sound - Plarkus
Luckily, the young man that was hit was absolutely fine, but he might just consider where he stands next time he's near a normal golfer!