Czech Masters

So the next round of the 2015 Disabled European Tour was in the beautiful country of the Czech Republic. After an early start of 4am we left for Heathrow to catch the 7;30am flight to Prague. After the 1.5 hrs trip form Prague to the course the sun was beaming down and the humidity was at 83%, the sweat was leaving my body at quite a rate. so what do i do ? that right, i hit the range. Was a good session by my own standards, so i felt confident for the 3 days of play that lie ahead.


The opening ceremony was an emotional one, with the Czech military paying tribute to they fallen heroes.


Th first days action was another Pro-Am with important people from all over the Czech Republic in attendance. This Pro-Am had a difference…..i was the Pro. So i took the opportunity to plan the course and have some fun with our guests.again another very hot day, and i was a little burnt to say the least, but good causes was the cheer of the day and a great time was had by all.


Monday saw the 1st days competition, i was to tee off at 11:40 and had a French man and a chap form the Czech as my round buddies. The course was tough, with the 1st cut being a mere 5 inches, i was a little rough, but i had a great round, finishing tied 3rd at the end of day 1, just 2 points off the leaders.


Day 2 was a different kettle of fish, the TV cameras were there as i was one of the faverioutes for the tournament, even the European tour presidents wife called me the ‘Beckham of disabled golf’ this was more down to the great clothing supplied by Bunker Mentality, and of course my great playing ability lol.


I started with a great drive down the first tee, and thats where it all went a bit Pete Tong. For some reason i forgot how to play, some say the pressure go to me, lets just say i didn’t do to well, and with my comp over at hole 9, i decided to use the back 9 as a practice. Well blow me down, i played the best golf ever. Don’t ask me how, i just did. I ended up finishing the tournament in 10th place, i was disappointed for sure, but learnt lots and lots to learn still. i will return hungry for victory next season, hopefully wearing these amazing clothes. I also made the front page of the European Disabled golf using ‘Entering with style’ as the caption.


Next up for me is the UK Open at the Shire (the only Seve course in the UK)


Keep playing well people and wear it well


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