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As the modern world came of age, Cotton came to dominate world trade with its growing demand through the U.S. It became known as King Cotton!  

Cotton is a trend that never dies. It is a great lifestyle piece for those individuals who want to take it beyond the course.

Fast fashion is a throwaway culture; we want to introduce the collection to highlight the positive impacts cotton has within the industry. We want to introduce garments that can become part of your everyday life rather than a one off piece that barely makes it out of the wardrobe.

The polo shirt first started as the ‘Tennis shirt’ but then became popular with other kinds of sportsmen, especially golfers that cared about both function and style. It was the perfect garment that gave great breathability, flexibility and protection from the sun.

The 50’s brought about a new rise in cotton, it moved into everyday casual wear and by the 90’s it became the go to garment for that relaxed Friday night. Dressed up or down, it is a staple piece that needs to stay.

Bunker Mentality Cotton Polo Shirts

So what makes a cotton polo shirt so good?

Cotton is a fully breathable and durable fabric; making is especially cool and comfortable to wear in hot conditions. It’s naturally strong fibres become 30% stronger when wet which means your 100% cotton polo shirt can withstand as many hot washes in it’s lifetime as it needs to.  Cotton is sustainable, organic, renewable and bio degradable, making it an excellent choice as an environmentally friendly fibre.

Bunker Mentality Cotton Polo Shirts

Athleisure is an accelerating trend and we are seeing it more and more through social media. Fitness is a huge market at the minute and everyone wants to stay fit but with a faced paced lifestyle fashion is changing to suit this need. We want to provide clothes that are dual purpose. This collection will also include sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts.

It is certainly a fabric you can count on.

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