Coach Lockey Lesson – Honiton Golf Club

I recently had a 3 hour lesson with Mathew ‘Coach’ Lockey at Honiton Golf Club in Devon. I have met Matt a number of times before and have had a lesson with him last year.

Steve Harris and Coach Lockey Selfie

Steve Harris and Coach Lockey Studio Lesson

Steve Harris and Coach Lockey Studio Computer

Steve Harris and Coach Lockey Studio Set Up

Honiton Golf Club:

Matt is now teaching from an excellent facility at Honiton Golf Club called ‘ The Cave’  This indoor facility has a full state of the art simulator and putting area.   It has the use of GC2 HMT launch monitor technology which is able to provide accurate data on strike and on how the face is interacting with the ball at impact.   Other facilities include cameras and the ability to call up web information (such as game golf) on screen during the lesson.  There is also an indoor putting area.

Coach Lockey Lesson:

The focus of the lesson was threefold:

1)   To tighten greens in regulation, including some better course management.

2)   To conduct Gap testing

3)   To focus on putting.

I am a user of game golf, which I would recommend.  Its a great piece of kit for gaining some detailed data based feedback on your game.  Its based on GPS technology and tracks you full round.

My stats are below for game golf

Coach Lockey Lesson Screen Shot - Short Game Dispersion Chart


Coach Lockey Lesson Screen Shot - Driver Dispersion Chart

Coach Lockey Lesson Screen Shot - Stats

Lesson focused on strike and moving the strike cluster closer to the middle.  The dispersion on my irons was reasonable anyway but this helped to improve if further.  We focused on start of flight particularly when trying to shape shots.   We also focused on course management, considering where I miss it and how we can plan for this.

Gap testing (working out how far you hit each club) is something I would strongly recommend.   I had never done it before however I was reassured as my own estimates were close to the averages I was actually hitting based on the data.   My stats are below.  For a single figure handicapper I am a pretty short hitter but I generally hit it fairly straight.  Distances below are carry only.

Coach Lockey Lesson Screen Shot - Club Yardage

In all it was great fun and I cant wait to get out on the course.  Fingers crossed for some good weather!



About Coach Lockey:

Matt Lockey is a PGA pro who teaches in the UK and is known for working with Mark Crossfield in his YouTube videos and playing golf around the world in the Your Golf Travel videos.

You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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