CMax Events – The ‘Game Day’ Polo

The new Spring Summer 2015 season is not so far away now, so we thought we would show some details of our new polos. It all starts with the fabric construction. All of our CMax are made of 100% polyester to facilitate the best possible moister technology transferring any sweat away from the body quickly. We have great fabric suppliers who are truly expert in moister management technology and this makes our CMax range first class technical product for the modern golfer. However, once you have the technology sorted its critical to our mentality to have a shirt that not only keeps you cool but one that allows you to look cool as well. We believe every body should make the effort to play this game in ‘style’ otherwise what’s the point?

After fabric we consider the colour combinations. This Cmax Events is a wonderful bright navy blue body tipped with Bunker blue and hot pink which make this a very Bunker Mentality garment.  The details are all important to us when we design our garments and this CMax Events Polo is one of our favourites in that respect. The fabric is a light weight polyester with special properties that wick moisture from the body to keep you cool and dry if you are lucky enough to be playing in warm weather.

This polo has a new style of placket where the under layer is offset slightly to allow it to flash out down the side producing a really interesting highlight. We use seaming down the front of the shoulder towards the biceps to add detail and styling in an area that makes the shirt stand out when on the body.

We deliberately decided to make the tipping on the collar different to the arm cuff giving an interesting twist and creating a very Bunker feel to it. To finish the garment off we have added a really great little silicone badge to the chest with the Bunker logo and the brand colours of navy, bunker blue and hot pink colours.

This is a truly perfect polo shirt for the your ‘game day’ allowing you to stand out from the first tee to the last orders in the bar.

Wear it well and enjoy the game.


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