Bunker Japan Special Editions

                      Bunker jacket black japan                                            Bunker jacket grey japan

Bunker Mentality has gained popularity very quickly in Japan and we now have 25 stores stocking the brand. This has brought some very prestigious retail customers, some of which have asked us to do some special exclusive designs. One project is to design a wind jacket for Barneys NY Tokyo 20th anniversary. Here are a couple of sneaky pictures of the first samples. As you may expect they are much bolder than your normal wind jacket and at the same very technical. The fabric is a bonded fleece which is lightweight and breathable. This 3 layer interlock fleece fabric ensures warmth, comfort and at the same time gives exceptional water repellency. Pockets have hand warming fleece lining so the technical spec is excellent – but then so is the design. Our mission is to create new traditions and future classics in golf so when asked to make a special limited edition design we went full throttle. The Skull & Cross CLUBS (not bones) logo is hugely popular with our customers and it does present an altered ego for golfers who want to live the golf punk life. We used a combination of print and flock in the production of the design, resulting in a fabulous textured look. If you want one of these you will only be able to buy them in one store in the world and you will have to got to Japan! They are crazy good…and big in Japan.