Bunker Boys Club Featuring….

Some of our friends get out to play more than we do. Its always nice when they send us pictures of them all Bunk’d up playing golf! Yeah we love it lads!

These pictures are from a little knock about which took place last week at Brocket Hall ( http://golf-club.brocket-hall.co.uk/ )in Hertfordshire. Now, we thought Brocket Hall was quite a nice club but if it lets this load of rogues run around you have to wonder. In this little crew we have Teddy Sheringham(Forest Legend and he played as some other lesser clubs we think) , Sean Dyche (Top Bloke and Watford Manager last year), Ian Woan (Forest Legend and assistant Watford Manager last year) and sneaking in at the back is current Fulham star Simon Davies (well thats what he told us!). Its a hard life lads eh!

Thanks lads for continuing to ‘spreading the love’ of Bunker and we hope none of you “pulled a hammy!!”

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