Bubba Watson Contemplates Masters Ban

As things stand the LIV golfers are eligible to play in next year's four majors. The big ones all want the big players and it's always worth reminding ourselves that they're all run by different governing bodies and none of them are called the PGA Tour.

But, given the speed that the world of golf is moving at, it wouldn't take a huge leap of faith to see the players not feature in the majors by the time they come around, starting in April.

Bubba Watson is a two-time Masters champion and, ordinarily, will be returning to Augusta for the rest of his life (or until he gets that tap on the shoulder) but the left-hander is at least open to the prospect that he might not get another chance to feature at Augusta National.

"It's a weird situation, being a Masters champion. I sat my kids down and I told them that their favourite tournament in the world is obviously Travelers Championship, so can't play there. But now, Augusta, right now, we can play in it, and I'm hoping, and praying, that they make the right decisions and past champions and people, we can all start playing,” said Watson, who was a non-playing captain in his first LIV event in Boston.

“I told my kids that there is a chance, there is a possibility, that we can't go to Augusta. And I told them, if they tell me that I can't go, being a past champion, then I don't want to be there anyway because that's just - that's just the wrong way to look at it. It's the game of golf. We are all trying to be the best players.”

Watson won 12 times on the PGA Tour, the first and last coming at the Travelers, and he's adamant that he should be allowed to play wherever he wants despite the obvious clash of interests.

“I can play whatever I want to play in. Obviously there's other organisations that say I can't play. But yeah, I mean, how would I not want to play at Travelers and be a part of that? My family - it's near and dear to my heart. That's the only tournament my dad watched me win. Passed away three months later in 2010. LIV is not holding me back from playing any tournament. You know, it's other organisations that say stuff.

"There's tours all around the world and somehow it's OK for these tours to operate but when you come operate in the US it makes it a little different. So yeah, I would love that there's a way to figure out a way all of us work together or at least play LIV against PGA Tour.”