Brian Mair Takes The Polygiene Challenge

I sweat. Profusely. Now I am told this is perfectly natural, especially during and after any physical activity. But I think I sweat more than most. Which means I wash more than most – myself and my clothes.

So when I joined Bunker Mentality earlier this year, I was intrigued to see our range of golf shirts which have the technology to prevent odour-causing bacteria to form in sweaty fabric – the perfect solution to a guy like me who spends more time washing than playing!


decided to put this technology to the test. A daily game of golf, whilst desirable, was just not feasible. However, I could find the time to run a minimum 5km a day, on consecutive days, without washing my shirt. Yes – I would wear the same shirt, each day and all I would do with it is hang it to “drip dry” from one day to the next.

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My first run was on 1st May and as I write I have completed 15 runs, covering 90km (I have included 3 x 10km and 12 x 5km). That’s 55 miles in total – the equivalent of over 2 marathons or 14 rounds of golf. In the same, unwashed shirt. And I am running at 9-minute mile pace – trust me, whilst this isn’t exactly gazelle like, it causes a 14 stone, 52-year-old guy to sweat like the Swilcan Burn.

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Now if I had been trying this whilst wearing one of my old golf shirts, my wife would have long left me, I would be playing golf on my own and my oxters* would be red raw. However, my Cmax Big Spot shirt, with Polygiene technology, has been truly amazing. I promise that it feels as comfortable today as it did when I put it on for the first time over 2 weeks ago.

As for time saved washing – apparently you use 25 litres to wash clothes by hand. I would always wash my shirts after each wear – so I have now saved 375 litres of water and 2.5 hours in time. Think – that’s 250 large bottles of water saved. Plus 2.5 hours of free time – more golf!

I plan to keep going until I have completed 18 runs – this Thursday. As a golfer, I tend to do things in multiples of 18! Also means I can relax whilst in Norway for the weekend!

*-Scottish for armpits!

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