Augusta announce course changes for 2022 Masters

This is bizarrely one of those things that seems pretty radical at the time but, when we get to Augusta and the Masters, it barely registers. This year Augusta National will play 35 yards longer than usual, news that would barely merit a raising of a eyebrow anywhere else but we know the ins and outs of Augusta and we can’t wait for Masters week so it always seems big news.

The last time the club announced any changes were when they lengthened the 5th by 40 yards in 2019. Now they have lengthened the par-4 11th (pictured) by 15 yards while also stretching the par-5 15th by 20 yards.

The 11th generally plays as the second hardest hole on the property, a long dogleg right par 4, where players regularly bail out with a longish iron. The 15th is often the second easiest hole, behind the other par 5, 13, on the back nine and can easily be located after a good drive. Sergio Garcia, when he won in 2017, hit the green with an 8-iron to set up an eagle.

All of which makes the yardage up to 7,510 yards.

There has been talk of the 13th being extended by 25-50 yards for five years after the club purchased land from Augusta Country Club but there has still been no movement to the final leg of Amen Corner.

In 2019 Augusta chairman Fred Ridley said: “Admittedly, that hole does not play as it was intended to play by Jones and MacKenzie. The momentous decision that I've spoken about and that Bobby Jones often spoke about, of going for the green in two, is to a large extent, no longer relevant.

"Although we now have options to increase the length of this hole, we intend to wait to see how distance may be addressed by the governing bodies before we take any action. In doing so, we fully recognise that the issue of distance presents difficult questions with no easy answers. But please know this: The USGA and The R&A do have the best interests of the game at heart. They recognise the importance of their future actions. You can be assured that we will continue to advocate for industry‑wide collaboration in support of the governing bodies as they resolve this very important topic."

The 2022 Masters will be played April 7-10.