Alex Spencer

Hello fellow golfers and people who also like to wear it well.

I am Alex Spencer, age 13 and living/playing in the Worcestershire/Warwickshire area.
My home club is Ladbrook Park Golf Club and I am proud to say they really have great support for Junior golfers and make them feel welcome.

I have been playing golf for 4 years now, starting with a 54 handicap and off the blue junior tees and working my way down to 10 now and playing off the whites.  I’m also lucky enough to represent Ladbrook Park in their Junior Team playing in the Warwickshire league matches.

The goal for 2016 as well as being a Bunker Mentality Ambassador and wearing it well is to get my handicap down to 5.  As it gets lower it gets harder to find the shots to save.  Small changes in your swing can see strike improvements but not always scoring improvements.  Golf, like any sport is about refining your strengths and reducing your weaknesses.

I have just picked my GCSE’s at school and know the next couple of years are going to be a grind both on the golf course and in the classroom.

While I love my flop shots my favorite club has always been the driver.  I love the sound and feeling of a completely buttoned driver shot as I watch it carry past my playing partners!  My first straight driver shot at the range when I was little went all of 120 yards and after hearing the sound I was hooked on golf.

Kenilworth_Junior_MastersI recently played in the Kenilworth Junior Masters and while I played scruffy and the putter was ice cold that day I managed to win the trophy for best gross in my age category.

It goes to prove that no matter what is going on in your game if you keep playing and grinding out a score a decent result can be possible!  That’s golf all over.

I will update my profile regularly as things are happening, and I also update via Twitter (@AlexSpencerGolf) with practice or funny shots as well.  I’m just starting to get in to Game Golf ( but keep forgetting to add it to my pre-shot routine!

Keep it social, keep it fun and play well everyone!


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