Trucker Caps vs. Fitted Baseball Caps

Last week you may have got a sneak preview of our SS19 polo shirt collection but this week it’s battle of the caps.

We are introducing a variety of caps this season to suit all. Whether you want something subtler or something that shouts Bunker – we have it! So take your pick with some of our new designs that will be launching with our SS19 range.

The classic baseball cap will top off any of your game day outfits with style and the new denim trucker is a perfect lifestyle piece.

The trucker is technically very similar to a baseball cap however the trucker’s design consists of 5 panels rather than 6. The front section stands up tall and straight making the crown taller than most other caps.

As the designer, I always find it hard to pick a favourite. We would love to know what you guys think so if you have any comments or suggestions for future seasons please feel free to get in touch.

Introducing Denim isn’t new to Bunker. We have done previous designs with ripped denim that had a very vintage aesthetic however this season the designs feel a lot more relevant and updated.

The BUN-KER trucker features a contrast white high build embroidery badge; this branding is still very new to us as we first introduced it into our SS18  T-Shirt collection. This has become one of our more contemporary designs that we will be using in seasons to come.

This cap is the perfect staple piece to go in any summer wardrobe. During the photo shoot last week it was really interesting to see what accessories complimented each outfit. As a matter of fact the BUN-KER denim trucker acted as a key accessory, it worked with almost every colour way and gave the outfits a completely new look.  

Another strong contender this season has to be the triple stripe baseball cap that features our signature tape running down the centre of the front two panels. There are two colours to choose from here, the classic Bunker Navy and a white version that is a must have. White is the perfect base colour this season. We have used it throughout our polo shirt collection to add the right level of brightness and make the highlight colours pop. This has the same effect with the cap; it is a very complimentary colour that can work alongside most garments.

Our range plan is key before we decide on the final designs. We need to ensure all the accessories harmonise with the rest of the collection. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a photo shoot and finding out that the cap you had spent all your time designing doesn’t actually fit into the range.  

That’s all for now from team design, have a great game and don’t forget to #teambunker. We want to see you rocking those accessories.

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