The Ryder Cup 2020 - To Cancel or Not To Cancel?

We can all agree; Ryder Cup years just have a different feel.

This year is no exception, although maybe not for the reason the we're used to to! In its 40+ year history, only the tragic September 11th attacks in 2001 have put a halt to this historic and prestigious event.

Covid-19 has thrown us all a curve ball, but as we start to get things closer and closer to "normality" (whatever that actually is), sporting events around the globe are either back in full force or about to make their comeback. Slowly but surely, the PGA Tour is back on a weekly basis, and the European Tour resumes in a slightly different schedule to normal in the coming weeks. But what about when the two tours collide in the biggest matchplay event in the world?

Play - Let The Golf Shine Through

There's definitely the argument to keep the event on. After almost a month of seeing the PGA Tour competed with no fans, its slowly becoming normal to see. If anything, its quite nice not to hear slightly intoxicated spectators shouting random words after each 300+ yard tee shot. No fans would mean we'd be able to get up close and personal with all the players; as spectators at home we would be able to hear more of the interaction between teammates and opposition.

At the end of the day, this is a golf event. We all want to see great golf, great matches and great matchplay. And ultimately, we don't need any fans there to make this happen.

Cancel - The Fans Make the Event What It Is

When we think of the Ryder Cup, we think of those first tee chants early on a Friday morning and those massive roars whenever a putt is holed. Undoubtedly, the players, caddies and support staff all feed off of this energy - some thrive off it while some get hit by nerves and aren't able to control it quite as well. Without those fans there, you basically have some very (VERY) good golfers playing a sociable matchplay with a very nice trophy at the end of it for the winners.

Delaying the event only benefits everyone, with maybe only the television companies missing out. If anything, without crowds being there, it hand the Europeans more of advantage, which is the last thing that Team USA want when competing on home soil. While waiting an extra few months would be torture, we've all had to become a bit more patient this year. After all, good things come to those who wait...