Limited Edition – Live as you play!

Bunker Mentality Golf Lifestyle Image - Patch Sweatshirt

Golf is our obsession…it’s our thing. It’s why our brand exists.  If it’s your ‘thing’ then hopefully we share the same ‘mentality’.  This ‘Limited Edition’ Bunker Patch collection represents our heritage in the golf.  Bunker was created to celebrate the great game, past, present and future.

Around 14 years ago, Bunker came to life when the menswear buyer at House of Fraser purchased several hundred crew neck, cotton, screen printed t-shirts. These soon to be Bunker classics featured slogans and graphics such as ‘Who’s your Caddy’? and ‘Bad Mutha Putta’.

Bunker Mentality Patches - Close Up

This was the very start of the long journey leading us to where we are today still creating ‘golf fashion’.

Here at Bunker Mentality, we look at golf fashion in a slightly different way. Our fairway inspired clothing is very much where we started and as a brand, we continue this DNA with this limited edition range of hoodies and sweats. Each garment is made using sustainable, cotton as life is not always about performance…sometimes its just about …. ‘life’. For those who ‘live as they play’.

Bunker Mentality Patch Sweatshirt - Grey

This limited edition collection consists of two styles, the crew neck sweat and the hoodie,  both of which have been manufactured in organic cotton. Cotton fleece is so much more comfortable for the game of every day life.

Bunker Mentality Patch Hoodie - Navy

Cotton was originally the staple fabric for golf clothing before our great game became dominated by several mass market sportswear brands who decided technology ( as they call it ) became more important than looking like a golfer and expressing an individual style. So we love to include some cotton garments in our collections each year as they are so versatile and look great…where ever you chose to wear them.

And finally…’wear it well’ and most importantly ‘enjoy the game’! #teambunker #stylematters



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