Its #ShankWeek!!!

Shank Week

*WARNING* The following post contains strong language which even the most competent of golfer may find offensive.

You may, or may not, be familiar with the work of Skratch TV across all forms of social media. Formed by the PGA Tour, it takes a more relaxed view of golf, mainly at the professional level, with the aim of targeting a younger, more tech-savvy golf population.

This week they have dubbed to be #shankweek.

Even the mention of the word ‘shank’ is enough to reduce even the most competent golfers to tears. The thought of that that golf ball shooting off at right angles….the shame of walking sideways down the fairway to play your next shot…..the “oh God please don’t happen again….”.Speak to anyone who has been around golf for a while and they will all tell you the same thing – “a shank is the closest you can get to a perfect strike”. If only ey!


The only thing that is reassuring is that it can even happen to those high and mighty tour professionals we see on TV every single week. To see those that you idolise come crashing back to earth with a thud, and realising that they hitting the same shot as you do makes you feel so much better about your own game. Heck…it even happens to Tiger!

We want to hear about your shank stories (sharing is caring after all). Get yourself on social media and use the hashtags #teambunker and #shankweek.