It's all in the details!

Bunker Mentality Spot Golf Shirt - Close Up Details

It’s the small details that make the outfits come alive. Just because we all have to wear clothes, doesn’t mean we have to dress the same. Here at Bunker we try and stay away from traditions, we break the rules. The Bunker guy is an individual, someone who is ready to take his style to the next level.

Here in team design we work hard season after season to create something new and exciting that takes influence from fashion rather than golf. We never stop researching; whether the influence comes from military heritage, mod culture or 1970’s revive.

We like to add interest to every garment; even a core polo shirt isn’t all it seems. Sometimes we can over think an idea too much when really the answer is right in front of us.

Bunker Mentality Frank Golf Shirt - Close Up Details

Take one of our new polo shirts for SS19; we have adapted the Frank polo by adding our signature tape to the inside of the placket. This has transformed this garment, it may not seam like much but it’s these sorts of things that excite us here at team Bunker.

We like to push the boundaries through design. Patterns are always fun, the possibilities are endless so we design a range of prints initially then lay them across the table to pick apart. This either goes one of two ways; the tricky bit is always when there are more prints you like than dislike. We need to narrow them down to make sure the range is cohesive and ensure the prints we have chosen are the best ones to capture the essence of Bunker.

Bunker Mentality Spot Golf Shirt - Close Up Details

The New Bunker Spot print for SS19 incorporates a repeat motif that appears ever so often. We have left it tonal with the rest of the print to make it more of a hidden detail, you don’t always spot it at first glance but that’s what makes it even better. It gets people asking questions!

The polo shirt is our best seller so making a difference here is key.

The placket and collar are the two features that can completely transform the garment. The Event’s polo from the SS18 collection is an example here; we have created an offset placket with a contrast colour and then added tipping to match for a sports luxe feel. Another polo shirt on the other hand, is the Duo Core SS18 polo shirt; this takes centre stage when it comes to fashion influences.

Bunker Mentality Duo Core Golf Shirt - Close Up Details

We have not only gone against tradition and used poppers instead of buttons but also added stitch lines on the outer placket to highlight where they are.

Hope you are having an amazing summer, don’t forget to pack your Bunker shirt for holiday. Goodbye from #teambunker