How To Tackle Sizing and Plans For 2021

We get asked this a lot as so many brands and countries differ. In terms of our fit go to our size chart

Bunker Mentality Polo Shirts Sizes Difference

Our fit is generally not an athletic fit, there is generally some wiggle room – put simply it is for those who like a beer and a burger. And our polo shirts are all the same, we don’t have athletic or slim fits etc. 

We will have requests throughout the year asking to accommodate different sizes from 50” waist to long legs and all those things can be accommodated as you get bigger as a company. 

We have gone totally online now. The sizing guide is good and we can give advice to customers before they buy so we don’t have many returns. But, if we do, they tend to be exchanges. Sizing can be an issue but it tends to be because it doesn’t fit the way customers want it to fit. It’s quite simple as we want return customers - if it doesn’t fit you’ll get a a refund. If you look at our feefo rating it’s 4.9 out of 5 – If you have a complaint just email us, we are open from 8am until 10pm seven days a week. 

The best thing is to know your size and look at the product on any website that you’re familiar with and then check your size on their size chart. If you are buying in the UK, you probably know what you are looking for. If you are buying from America their sizing can be bigger. So know your size and your measurements and check the size chart. We find that customers are becoming much more comfortable these days shopping online and they will send things back. So, if you’re really not sure, then maybe buy two shirts at a time so you don’t have to pay twice for the shipping.

For us getting the business wholly focused on the web has been the best decision that we have made. Covid-19 has forced us to make it and it has allowed us to ensure that the customer understands what we are doing, and we’re not relying on a pro interpreting what we are doing.

From a brand perspective we are doing very well with our winter range, and we are going to sell out way before Christmas. On certain jackets we are selling out quicker than we thought we would and we’re bracing ourselves for mid-December when people ask for them, and we will have to apologise that they are now out of stock.

The Puffer Caddy collection also sells and the black is the best seller, and the tech hoodies. We’ve been selling hoodies for years now and I wouldn’t say we sold more after Tyrrell Hatton won at Wentworth, we just always have.

We’ve learnt this year that we need to add more product into the range for next autumn – so more technical jackets. And there will be more knitwear as that gives you total flexibility – a jumper of any description will give you warmth, you don’t have much wind protection but we can do something about that with a lightweight jacket. And we’d like our knitwear to have a nice contemporary menswear look. We think people will want a smart jumper that is more menswear so you can go out for a drink straight after and people aren’t necessarily thinking it’s a golf jumper.