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At Bunker we are always on the look out for the next leading technology to keep our products ahead of the competition. his is why we have chosen to work with another British company called Clo Insulation for our most recent range.

This insulation has modernised our offering for Autumn to give you all of the performance you would expect from a piece of golf clothing including being warm, lightweight, comfortable, soft and have all the stretch you need.


We’ve chosen to use the Teknica Insulation for it’s performance benefits

The Teknica insulation is manufactured using a mixture of insulation fibres which includes a very high percentage of our unique Clo‑i fibres to maximise breathability and warmth. As well as it’s unique selection and balance of insulation fibres the insulation is put through a calendared process which heats and seals the insulation on both sides. If you are looking for an insulation for active sports activities or minimum migration and maximum comfort for your fashion item, then the Teknica range is the one for you. The combination of fibres used in the Teknica range gives it a fantastic balance between breathability and warmth, resulting in optimum performance. The calendared process and mixture of Clo‑i fibres and siliconised fibres enable this insulation to be water repellent. The Teknica range is available in a variety of weights and, presenting a range of possibilities to meet your every need.

Clo Insulation Features

 Clo Insulation Features




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