Behind the design process…colours

Behind the Design!

This week we are going behind the scenes to our design team at Bunker HQ and giving you a sneak preview into SS19. Creating that perfect design isn’t always an easy process.

There are so many stages to go through before that end result. We work a year ahead of schedule meaning we are always writing down the wrong date, typical!


To kick-start the season we gather inspiration and look at upcoming menswear trends, we strive to create a collection that is fashion forward.

The smallest things inspire us, we could be walking down the street and notice a pattern on the pavement we like or see a building that has an interesting shape. All of the information we gather then gets printed out onto sheets and sheets of paper and this is when the real excitement begins.


Colour is the next stage of design. This is possibly the hardest part of the process; we don’t just create one colour story, there are a few that run along side each other to create a more diverse range. Even though this can be tricky, we love colour so this has a big influence in our work.  We always find new ways of mixing the palette to find that perfect combination.


If you are as excited as us, here are the SS19 colour stories to get you started.

We will be back with more behind the scenes when we will reveal some of the new prints being introduced into this collection.

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