Copy of Sustainability and Bunker Mentality


Change the way we view clothes

From fast consumables to durables, the "Wear More, Wash Less" mentality saves valuable resources. Golfers certainly share common passions: those being, the sport itself as well as a passion for fresh air and green nature.

As part of the golf community, we at Bunker Mentality share these passions and always strive to act more sustainably. We strongly believe that it's the details that make a difference.

Polygiene BioStatic Technology: user functionality meets sustainability

That's why all our Golf Polo Shirts feature Polygiene BioStatic™ Stays Fresh technology, which not only has an odour-inhibiting effect for the user, it is also part of the solution to a more resource-conserving approach to nature. 

Did you know that according to a Polygiene survey, 62% of respondents discarded their clothing early due to unpleasant odours in the fabric?

How it works

Once you put on a polyester golf shirt, the bacteria in it starts to multiply exponentially, which are the cause of unpleasant odours in the fabric, and are difficult to eliminate even by washing. Body heat and sweat, which is actually odourless, encourage the growth.

Polygiene BioStatic™ is based on natural silver salt, silver chloride, which occurs naturally in water and soil. The silver salt blocks the growth of odour-causing bacteria and fungi in textiles - and thus has a permanent odour-inhibiting effect for the life-time of the garment.

Conserving resources: Wear more. Wash less.

Due to the Polygiene BioStatic™ technology our golf shirts remain hygienically "fresh" for longer and need to be washed less. Ideal for golfers who complete the 18-hole round on the green in clean fresh air.

Ideal technology for golfers

Simply hang out the shirt in the air after golf & it is hygienically fresh for your next round....& the one after & the one after that....& reduce your ecological footprint.

Polygiene BioStatic is bluesign® and Oeko-tex® certified and treated products can be recycled.

What does that mean in concrete terms: for me as a user and for the environment?

Washing less saves water, energy and CO₂. Fewer washes also mean less microfibre is washed out and less detergent is rinsed into the water. Further, washing less saves money and also valuable time. Time for things we love to do, like playing golf.

Facts and figures: Focus on water and product lifespan

If you skip just one wash a week, you save about 50-90 litres of water (depending on the washing machine). With more than 60 million people playing golf worldwide, imagine how much water just golfers could save!
Worldwide, about 53 million tons of clothing is produced annually. According to recovery worldwide, around 73% of this ends up in landfills or incinerators. Only a small part of around 1% can be returned to the textile production process via recycling.
That means: the longer we can wear a garment, the lower the ecological footprint. Washing less also means that our products last longer. That creates less waste.
In a nutshell: help to save our resources…and become part of the Wear More, Wash Less movement.


Packaging is a big part of our business, especially as we send all items from our warehouse directly to customers. This is why it is very important that we find a way of getting orders to you, our customers, that has the least impact on the environment. All of our orders are sent out in either recyclable or sustainable cardboard boxes, which can be placed directly into the recycling.

We have now introduced Kraft paper mailing bags which are even more environmentally friendly, with the potential for all of our bags to be compostable and biodegradable. We have also begun investigations into the possibility of garment bags that are fully dissolvable in water, or even removing garment bags completely, as long as this doesn't compromise the product that we are offering.

Our Bunker Mentality Birdie King Golf Balls are a first for us as they are the first product we have introduced to the collection whereby they are packaged sustainably. We use organic and sustainable cotton bags which are both manufactured in a way that isn't as harmful to the environment as plastic, but then can also be used over and over again for various other requirements.


Bamboo Socks & Tee Pegs

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet and a brilliant sustainable resource as it grows new shoots after being harvested. It is 100% biodegradable, releases 30% more oxygen than an equivalent mass of trees and doesn’t need chemicals or pesticides to grow, so no harmful toxins are created from its use. 

We’ve started to introduce bamboo into our apparel collection, beginning with our socks.  Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic as well as being biodegradable and extremely hardwearing. On top of this, it also has antibacterial properties, perfect for a golf sock. With 5 star reviews, these are certainly worth a try, you won't be disappointed. 

We also are delighted to offer Bamboo Tee pegs. Bamboo has some fantastic sustainable advantages of the more traditional wooden tee pegs or even the cheaper plastic alternatives that have been more recently introduced. 

  • Durability: In comparison with wooden tees, bamboo tees are much more resilient and will not break as easily when being pushed into a hard turf. This of course means that our Birdie King bamboo tees are also capable of being re-used repetitively with minimal replacement needed; bamboo tees can also be 1.5x stronger than an average wooden tee.
  • Rapid-Biodegradability: Similar to wooden tees, bamboo tees are also biodegradable, except for the fact that it biodegrades much, much faster. For example, our Biodegradable Bamboo Golf Tees only needs six months for it to start biodegrading, whereas a standard wooden tee requires three years, averagely.
  • Economical: Bamboo tees, compared to both wooden and plastic tees, are considered more economical and lower in cost.