Nick’s Tip: Start Your Downswing

Your downswing is the start of a good golf swing so in this tip Nick takes 2 minutes to show you how  replicating throwing a ball can help you create a solid start when hitting the ball.

Using your hips when starting your downswing in vital to get power through your swing and create distance. Nick demonstrates this with the motion of throwing a golf ball so you can recreate that feeling when making your swing to get all the benefits your playing partners don’t.

Nick Prentice PGA Professional has a series of golf tips to help you improve your game ready for the weekends golf ahead. We’re all about golf so we want to bring you a weekly golf tip that helps your game and makes playing the most enjoyable it can be.


Nick is a PGA pro that teaches in Nottinghamshre and Leicestershire. He has the perfect concise and well rounded golf tips that you can use on the driving range or the practice area to get your golf game in shape ready for the weekends competitions.

Nick has been wearing Bunker Mentality golf clothing for teaching and day to day golf club life for the past 10 years so he’s one of out biggest ambassadors.


In this video he is wearing the Cmax Zigzag Golf Polo Shirt and the Nino Golf Trousers

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