Alistair's Tip: Never Top A Fairway Wood Again

Have you ever hit the perfect drive on a par 5 and wanted to go for the green with a fairway wood in two but you never know how flush your contact is going to be?

If so, this is the perfect video from Alistair Davies to make those worries a thing of the past. These  easy tips to make sure you never top a fairway wood again.

We’re all about golf so we want to bring you a weekly golf tip that helps your game and makes playing the most enjoyable it can be.

Having developed his reputation teaching to clients, Alistair now spends a large portion of his time creating fantastic hints and tips across all forms of social media, with a big focus on YouTube. Boasting over 26,000 subscribers, he’s built a great following of golfers from all around the world – little hints and tips for people to take with them and help them get their game as good as it can be.

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