YouTube's Best Creators Share Their Best Home Golf Drills

Bunker Mentality's Alistair Davies is up there with some of the best golf coaches in the world. His resume speaks for itself. We love being able to share with everyone his hint and tips to try and get your golf game as good as it can be. However, with everything going on right now, we are all confined to putting on our living room carpets and chipping in the back garden.

As we are all aware, the NHS is doing a fantastic job of caring for everyone that is suffering right now, and they need every bit of help they can get. So, Alistair has had a great idea of a way to combine getting your golf games into shape and supporting all our doctors and nurses at the same time...

He's roped in 16 of some of the best golf teachers and coaches to each give a little tip or drill that we can all do at home during this lockdown period. Check out all these great hints in the video below, and there might be a familiar face or two:


To support this fantastic cause, and show your appreciations for all the hard working NHS staff, as well as these top golf instructors, follow the link below: