Why is Lexi Thompson using a local caddy?

Lexi Thompson caught the headlines at the Tokyo Olympics when her caddy Jack Fulghum had to withdraw during the opening round due to the stifling heat –
Fulghum was overcome by the excessive temperatures and never returned to Thompson's bag in Japan and they have now parted company.

So Thompson was put in touch with local Carnoustie caddy Paul Drummond through her mother Judy and a local artist who put the two in touch.

“He's such an amazing person,” Thompson said about her new caddy on her first visit to Carnoustie. “Great personality to have out on the bag. He caddies out here a bunch and is a great player as well. So that's even better.

“I don't play over here a ton, only really once a year. So, knowing the local knowledge of the course, the bounces, where to miss if you need to, it helps out tremendously and makes you a lot more free over certain shots."

When Thompson is in between caddies she has tended to turn to her brother Curtis, who has just secured his PGA Tour card, or her dad Scott and it is unclear whether Thompson will continue with Drummond after this week's major.

"I think he's talking a little bit slower for me, though. But I can understand him pretty well. So he might be talking a little bit slower and not be telling me, but we're good."