Why invest in Bunker now... the Opportunity is there right now!

I thought that it may be the time to share some of the questions that we've been asked over the last few weeks to show the reasons why now is a great time to invest to own your part of Bunker. 

Is Crowdfunding easy for me to use?

Crowdfunding may be quite a new concept for you. The increase in companies using this method of raising funds for their business growth is exponential, especially now that technology allows everyone to place their investment easily online and the Crowdfunding platform company deals with all the legal requirements for you and make sure that you're taken care of. 

When you go to our Crowdfunding campaign, you will be asked to register on the crowdcube website to create your account. There are a few questions to answer to open your account (if you need any help with these, just drop us an email at investors@bunker-mentality.com and we'll link you to some help pages on Crowdcube). 

Then you make your pledge for the amount that you would like to invest, fill in some payment information, and that's it! No money is taken right now and Crowdcube will email you when the payment is due at the end of the raise.

Why should I take part in Bunker's Crowdfunding Campaign?

Golf is booming right now, with a huge growth in golf participation, both in the UK and worldwide. To give you some numbers, the UK golf market has grown by 2.1M to 5.2M players. That's a huge opportunity and with our recent significant sales performance, we can see that our brand is resonating with these golfers. 

We have a laser focus on direct to consumer selling which we really started to ramp up at the beginning of 2020. Previously, we had been a multi channel brand selling through wholesale as well as web. When COVID arrived, we realigned our selling strategy to 100% direct to consumer through our website - this has resulted in an increase in sales of 236% since doing this. 

236% increase in sales

Obviously, since COVID it is common knowledge about the exponential growth in direct online selling, and we are at the forefront of that giving great product and award winning service. Did you know that we have just won the Feefo independent Platinum Trusted Service Award 2022 for the 2nd year running? We really care about our customers. 

Huge potential in international growth which we're already seeing great increase in orders from USA. We have implemented technology on our website so that customers can buy anywhere in the world in their own currency, using their own payment methods. This tech partnership has manifested a significant growth and we have shipped to 55 countries in the last 12 months. As well as the obvious sales benefit, we can also 'smooth' our our seasonality by targeting countries with complementary selling seasons. 

People remember how you make them feel - introducing Bunker Events. We have been running events for the last few years, and believe that there is an opportunity for us to translate our brand DNA of being inclusive and enjoying the game by creating an annual programme of events. Together with the creation of our Digital Golf Club, Club Bunker, which we launched just as Lockdown happened in 2019, this is another opportunity to create a golf community using today's digital technology. We already have a "Bunker Chapter" in Hamburg, as well has having held an invitational where we invited a couple of our Club Bunker members to Woburn Golf Club with Gary Boyd, one of our tour ambassadors. What a day it was... 

The opportunity is now and ready for us to seize the moment to accelerate our mission of enjoying the wonderful game, #Bunkerstyle

We are delighted to give our community the opportunity to join us and becoming part of Bunker Mentality by investing in our Crowdfunding campaign. 

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Tamasine & Robert 
Bunker Mentality Founders