What To Do If Your Golf Club Subscriptions Are Due While On Lockdown

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At the point of writing this, England Golf have shut all golf courses in the country; the same applies to the rest of the United Kingdom. Just typical when the sun is shining and its perfect golfing conditions!

For many, golf is the last thing on their minds right now. However, for a lot of you golf adicts, there's a chance that your yearly golf club subscriptions are due. At a time where money is a priority, it does seem strange to pay out a large sum of money for something that you won't be able to use for the foreseeable future. In fact, at this moment in time, we have absolutely no idea when we'll be able to get back out on the ocurse at all. But all things considered, should you still pay that subscription? In one word, YES!

Golf courses have been struggling over recent years as it is. There are several examples were golf courses have had to shut their doors because they simply couldn't survive any more. Higher running costs, higher levels of "nomad" golfers that would rather play a different course each week instead of having a permanent base, and poor weather conditions have all contributed. COVID-19 threatens to be an even bigger reason than all three of these put together. That is why, we must all do what we can to keep this great game going as much as we can.

Golf courses rely heavily on having its members and their subscriptions to keep them afloat each and every year. During the lockdown, it is my understanding that greenkeepers are still allowed to work as long as it is within the guidelines outlined by the government. That means that when the fog clears and we're allowed back out on the course, the fairways are going to be pristeen, greens are going to be smooth and true, and bunkers won't have a grain of sand out of place. None of this can carry on without your subscriptions though.

Lack of cash coming into our beloved golf clubs means that no manicuring can take place, and our golf courses will turn into overgrown fields....and even worse they might be forced to close for good. At no point are we suggesting that you should golf ahead of looking after yourself and those around you if it just isn't feasable, but take everything into consideration when that subs letter comes through your letterbox.

We have heard stories of plenty of courses that will offer incentives for people to continue their membership for the coming year; from payment plans to deffered payments. We urge you all to pull together as a golfing family, and look out for each other at these troubled times. We all love this game. We all want to keep it going for years to come. Look at your subscriptions as an investment for yourself and everyone else that you know at the golf club so we can continue to make golf the best sport there is.