What collar do you wear?

Bunker Mentality Golf Shirt Collars

There are 3 distinctive polo shirt collars, all very different in their own right.

Knitted collars have always been a popular choice and here at Bunker we favour this for two reasons, pattern and colour.

The great advantage about the knitted collar is in the detail. Tipping is a great way to transform a plain garment; creatively this is always the fun part. Adding contrasting colour to both the collar and cuffs is ideal when adding some excitement to the piece.

Colour stories always need to be taken into consideration here and by including a highlight colour on the rib this can make the collection more cohesive.

Take the new multi stripe polo shirt for SS19; this wouldn’t be what it is without the knitted collar. It can add such an impact to a polo shirt without compromising on design.

Bunker Mentality Frank Golf Shirt - Collar

Self-fabric collars are made from the fabric that is used for the main body and sleeves. This appearance is very tailored and gives a smart aesthetic. Plastic tipping has been a great invention. Take the Frank polo shirt, this is a core product and the key features to this garment are the collar and placket. You will notice the lead edge appears to sit very neatly and doesn’t curl up. Most can be removed but we want to ensure the polo shirt stays looking good for years to come so we have secured ours in place.

Bunker Mentality Kruze Golf Shirt - Collar

Contrast collars are much more traditional, colour blocking is used for impact; it gives a very different feel from knitted and made collars. This gives a much more contemporary feel, very relaxed and fits in with the lifestyle range.

We would love to know your preference, get in touch because the next collection is just around the corner.

That’s all for now from #teambunker.