What Are The Chances Of A Women's LIV Golf?

This week Greg Norman re-opened up the possibility that LIV Golf and the women's game could one day come together for a ladies series.

Last year the LPGA commissioner Mollie Marcoux-Samaan stated she would listen to conversations with LIV but only if 'it would achieve our aim of promoting women’s golf'.

In Europe, as things stand, Aramco, the Saudi Arabian Oil Group, put on five stops on the Ladies European Tour with $5m in prize funds which makes up a huge chunk of the prize money on the LET.

In Adelaide, where the LIV Golf circuit is being played this week, Norman was bullish about the chances of the Saudis getting involved with the women's game.

"That is a discussion we have internally on a regular basis.I have personally had discussions with individual LPGA Tour players, Ladies European Tour players, the Ladies European Tour.

"They love what our product is showcasing. They ask all the time, 'how can we get involved?' We'd love to see a LIV ladies series."

In Houston this week is also the first women's major of the year and the noises coming from there were slightly different.

“It’s so vague,” explained the World No. 1 Lydia Ko. “To talk about anything that isn’t really here yet is all speculation. So I’m happy doing my own thing right now.”

England's Georgia Hall added that there was some talk about a possible link up in 2022 but that had died away more recently.

“I’m just really focused on doing the best I can on the LPGA. It’s like the best tour in the world and where the best players compete, and I want to be amongst them. I haven’t heard that there is discussions going on, especially recently. A little bit last year but not anything recent.”

Norman added, though, that the main priority was to build on LIV's debut year and to move things on to the next level.

"From our perspective, last year was a beta season. We had eight events. This year was our first season where we're kicking off. We can only drink out of a fire hydrant so much, so we have a lot of opportunities and initiatives coming across our plate.

"Our focus is to make sure this year we produce what we're producing here from day one. Then going forward we're looking what are the best opportunities to build on to what we have today. But the answer to the question is yes, we talk about it (a women's version) internally. I have had discussions with individual lady players, professional players."