Watford FC Managment have a Bunker Mentality!

Its the end of the first and amazingly succesful season for these guys. New management team of Sean Dyche and Ian Woan have taken the low flying Watford all the way up to finish 11th in the Championship this season. That is a considerable result considering the club also sold about £8m worth of playing staff and it was their first season as a management team.

Sean and Ian ( both ex Forest ) have been freinds and fans of Bunker for some time now so we were delighted to kit them and their staff out for their end of season golf trip to Portugal. They al love the CMax Rockford shirts in the Bunker blue and with them all getting a bit thin on top they needed some Bunker caps to protect from the sun. The rest of the team are Tony Loughlen, Brian Rice, Alec Chamberlain and Ross Wilson.

Looks like they had a great time. Well done on a great season lads!

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