TP Tour Ealing pairs

2015-05-23 17.09.302015-05-23 17.09.07

After rebuilding my swing over the last few weeks with my coach I wasn’t looking for anything amazing but I felt if I put in a good performance I would have a chance. My partner for the day was my long time friend professional Jack Whiteway who also coaches me. From tee to green we both played good enough to take it but with no putts dropped and a few mistakes we made it hard for ourselves. We finished top 30 but considering the field was only separated by 14 shots from 1st to last a few putts could have made a massive difference. It was my 1st ever TP event so I was pretty satisfied…..always another day to fight for number 1. Ealing was in amazing condition and the greens probably are the best I have ever putted on…..highly recommend if you get the chance to play it.

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