Tour Performance Bag

Its always good to see a long term project coming to life. We have been working on our Tour Bag for about 18 months sampling, then more sampling and eventually we are happy. Its arrive and looks as good as we had hoped it would and just proves you can’t rush these things

The professional bag used by the very best players on every tour is a must have for any serious golfer. We have taken lots of advice from several of our pro’s when we were putting the spec together for this bag and its as good as it gets we think.The body is made of a truly durable PU which means it wears well and can be cleaned with ease. Shoulder strape has been fully approved by one of our very own caddies working on the LET. One of the really important features of our big is that its extreamly light weight. Then we get to the authetics, all Bunker Mentality.

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