The Left Rough - Saving Money With Used Golf Balls

The guys over at The Left Rough have set out to simplify the game of golf - we've invited them for a guest blog all about used golf balls.

The Left Rough - Saving Money With Used Golf Balls

Alongside all the fun in Golf, the game has its frustrating aspects as well. And one of such frustrating sides is losing balls. It sometimes feels like the ball suddenly develops a mind of its own and decides to head to where it would never be found. 

So after you lose many balls, you head to the store to buy some more. But when you check the bills, you realize that you are already spending too much on balls that never want to be found. 

Probably much more than you're spending on your Golf outfits. So, why don't you save money and buy used golf balls instead?

Many people frown at buying used golf balls, especially because you really can’t tell the condition of such balls. This reluctance to buy used balls is understandable. So, comparing used balls to new balls is perfectly normal. 
But I assure you that there are physical stores and websites on the internet where you can save money with used golf balls without having to sacrifice on quality. These websites offer only golf balls that are close to new ones in quality. 
You, however, still need to know how to get the best deals when buying used golf balls. And when you know these tips, you can be sure that you saved money and still bought the best balls after every visit to the store to buy balls.

Tips on How to Get the Best Deals on Used Balls

1. Stick with major brands

This is probably the best tip I can give on buying a used golf ball. Major brands already have a reputation for making high-quality balls that are durable. 
So, it is likely that their balls are still in excellent condition after initial use. When you buy these balls, you would get your money’s worth.

2. Decide on the number of balls you need

Don’t forget that we are not only trying to buy high-quality used golf balls, but we are also trying to save as much money as we can. That is why you need to decide on the number of golf balls you need before you make any purchases. 
At many stores, the more you buy, the bigger the discount. But you don’t have to buy a ridiculously large number of balls because you want to save money. You could spend more on balls that you don't need this way.

3. Patronize only reputable sites when you are buying online

The disadvantage of buying balls on the internet is that you may not be able to confirm the quality of the balls until they are at your doorstep. 
Finding out that you wasted money on low-quality balls could be frustrating, even if the store had a return policy. That is why I recommend that you only buy from stores that have a high number of satisfied customers. 
Do you now see how you can save money with used golf balls? You can still enjoy your game with high-quality balls without having to wreck your pockets. You could even save enough to buy nice looking golf outfits