The Iron Golfer - The 3 W’s Challenge

Its been a while since we've caught up our goof friend Luke Willet. As we have all have found, some great plans that we had in place for 2020 have had to be put on hold or even cancelled, and The iron Golfer is no different.

When we last caught up with him, he was very coy on his various plans for 2020. However, as golf has been reintroduced into our lives, it has mean that Luke was able to take part in a fantastic challenge, while raising some fantastic money for the Golf Foundation.
Bunker Mentality The Iron Golfer Three Ws Challenge
The challenge - the Three W's (Worplesdon Golf Club, West Hill Golf Club and Woking Golf Club) so 54 holes in running between each course! For most of us, 18 holes can seem like a challenge in itself (especially on those bad days).
Not only did Luke complete the challenge in one piece, he finished in a time of two hours and 47 minutes. If that wasn't enough, he completed the challenge during the recent UK heatwave with temperatures pushing into the 30s. AND (yes there's more!) he only went and shot 75, 81 and 77. That's a total of 233 shots in 167 mintues. Whilst running. WOW!
What a fantastic effort, and we can't wait to hear all about what's in store next for The Iron Golfer.