The COLOUR of Winning

The 2014 Masters was to say the least uneventful on the final day. Normally, game day Sunday climaxes in a fantastically competitive finish with one player emerging fully ready to take the green jacket.

Being prepared to win requires great attention to every little detail for a professional in any sport, not just golf. So, why did a 20 year old enter the final day of the 2014 Masters wearing a Pistachio coloured shirt? It is not at all motivational, inspirational or even colourful, but this was the chosen colour for the final winning or losing round. Can’t see any references in any sports, to support the thought that pistachio would be the choice of a winner of the final day at the Masters.

Powerful colours such as red or blue are a winning teams choice in football or other team sports. Red is strong and is known to stimulate the fight or flight or flight instinct. Blue is an intellectual colour stimulating clear thought and aid concentration. Green, however, is about balance and harmony, important traits of course… but on a final competitive round?

The Tiger himself likes to strut out on the final round in bright red suggesting he may have taken notice of what winning teams wear. It seems logical that in competition, confidence is key so the clothing you wear must surely reflect your confidence hence the red shirted Tiger. Yet our potential ‘new school’ Tiger slayer chose pistachio, just can’t work this one out?

For future reference we have selected three really great shirts for anyone to wear on ‘game day’, whether its your monthly medal, a 4 ball with  friends or indeed the final Sunday at the Masters.

1. Golfadelic Playa Golf Polo

2. Racing Stripe Playa

3. CMax Kilo Stella

You can’t fail to feel good or play great in these shirts. They will allow you to create a bright powerful look which will mark you out as a confident player ready and able to ‘hit it hard’ and take the game!

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