Summer in Cuba (part 2) – Cigar for Bob’s Ace!

Our second round of golf at Varadero was on a windy day, but still with temperatures north of 30 deg.  We had a really bad storm in the days preceeding (and an earthquake) the course was set up completely differently, much shorter off the forward tees, bringing a few risk and reward opportunities into play.

The Bunker Buggy

I brought out my secret weapon, my orange polka dot shirt.  But it was Karen who went off into the lead nearly getting a hole in one at the par three 3rd hole, tap in birdie from 8 inches.  The wind was really picking up and making all the holes to the east really hard work.

Let’s hit it hard and go find it….

I was hitting my driver really well and we arrived on the 15th tee, a par  4 with lakes all down the left and across the front of the green.  The  previous week I had hit driver and 9 iron over the water and walked off with a 5.  The blue and white tees however were not in play and the white tee markers had been moved to the back of the red tee box. The sign on the tee said 180 to the water (making the hole about 250-260 or thereabouts) the wind was blowing from behind and I just decided that laying up was not for me, teed up my trusty Srixon AD333 ball, took out my driver and let rip!  I remember feeling it was a good strike and Karen saying “oooh that was a good straight one Bob”.  We couldn’t find my ball, I even went back and hit another ball over the water whilst Karen went to play her ball out of the bunker.  Imagine my sense of excitement when we pulled the flag and there was my ball in the hole.

Havana beer in Cuba

A total fluke, but then so was my previous one with a PW on a par 3 in Portugal back in April!!

Varadero GC pro Pedro Klein enjoyed a beer with me after my hole in one!

Karen and I really enjoyed our time on Cuba, the people and the history of the island and its capital Havana.  The golf course and the Xanadu Mansion restaurant are well worth a visit, and will always be remembered by me for my hole in one on a par 4.

My celebrations went on well into the evening, all the drinks at the hotel were on me, luckily we were all inclusive!

Coffee, Rum & a Cigar for the Ambassador’s Ace!

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