Stewart Golf Z3 Trolley

BunkerFEST 3 PRIZES – Stewart Golf Z3

A massive thank you to our good freinds at Stewart Golf for again stepping up with excellent prizes for BunkerFEST 3. This year we have 4 of their wonderful Z3 Push Trolleys for those lucky enough to win one.

The Z3 Push Trolley has received rave reviews since it’s launch, with many industry professionals & golfers alike branding it ‘the best push trolley in the world’. Now you may think thats a tall statement and yes Stewart Golf are friends of ours but this trolley if actually that good! A key feature of the Z3 Push is that it has been designed to accommodate any golf bag. If you are considering purchasing a new push trolley,the check others before you buy as many other models do not accommodate stand bags or larger bags. So confident are Stewart Golf about this they guarantee that if your bag does not fit the Z3 Push, they will offer you a full refund. Now you can’t argue with that can you.
We have used a lot of different trolleys over the years and have to say the Z3 Push is so easy to use and it folds effortlessly and it appears smaller than any others we have come across.

Its a fantastic peice of kit for every golfer and you can buy it direct from Stewart Golf

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