Spieth And Thomas Become Minority Owners Of Leeds United

With the new football season set to get underway in a few weeks, we will have two of the game's biggest names being involved.

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas are now minority owners of Leeds United which is part of the 49ers Enterprises' recent takeover of the Yorkshire club.

"It (the deal) is done. Myself and Justin are involved in a very, very minority stake but within the bigger 49ers organisation that somehow figure out a way to beat my (Dallas) Cowboys every single year anyway so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," Spieth told Sky Sports.

"Relegation wasn't ideal but then we got involved with the 49ers Group, who were purchasing a larger share to own Leeds United and then do the stuff they do everywhere else they've touched and thought it would be a really cool opportunity.

"It's a big city, a historic club, a great venue, Elland Road, and then once you start to look into it, it was, 'Man, this could be really exciting'. Then with relegation they were able to renegotiate and then we got to decide if we wanted to do it or not, and it was never really a decision, we wanted to do it, it just ended up being possibly a better deal as long as they can get promoted here soon.

"We're just watching but I'm really excited to have a team I'm emotionally invested in. I've watched Premier League soccer for the last few years pretty intently. It'll be Championship soccer now and then hopefully Premier League very soon."

Spieth and Thomas' interest was encouraged by Matt Fitzpatrick's caddy Billy Foster who has been a lifelong Leeds fan.

Former owner Andrea Radrizzani bought Leeds for £45m in 2017 – the investment arm of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers purchased a 15 per cent stake in 2018 and increased that to 44 per cent in 2021 before now taking over.

Rickie Fowler also seemed keen when speaking in June but, according to Spieth, he went off the deal.

"It's cool to have these opportunities. It would be fun if we get to be a part of it, if not we'll continue to root for Leeds," explained Fowler last month. "Obviously they got relegated but to get to go to a Premier League game, a Champions League game, any of that (would be great). It's a massive sport and I feel like it is continuing to get bigger in the States. Since I haven't been to a game, I don't have the true appreciation until [I get to] be there and feel that energy."