Special Report – The Bunker Endurance Challenge

One hour. Unlimited balls. No crowds. Hit it hard as many as you can. Easy right?


It turns out an hour is a long time. It’s even longer on a cold frosty November morning when you can’t feel the tips of your fingers. In hindsight a nice summers day with a gentle breeze might have been more useful. At least we know if we ever feel daft enough to do it again (watch this space!).

Being the company Guinea pig, I had to take the first slot…..the first basket was dead easy. I almost felt good and enjoyed those first 90 balls. Should have known it’d be downhill from there. Somehow, I managed to just complete 5 baskets in the hour time slot, although I think the majority of the time was spent holding the follow-through pose just like I’ve seen on TV! 450 balls the target to beat.

Bunker Tom

While I was attempting my world record attempt, our resident photographer, Nicola, gave it a go. She lasted for 5 balls before deciding it was too cold, retreating to the warmth of the camera button.

Team Bunker Captain (and Sales Director) Jonny decided to roll up just as the temperature increased. Convenient that. Having introduced himself to everyone else on the range, he began to polish up his very expensive 4 iron and started thwacking at a furious rate. He soon eclipsed my target, somehow amassing 675 balls in his hour. However, it later emerged that he was disqualified for signing for a wrong score – more information to follow when available.

Thanks to the DQ of JW, the day’s winner was school teacher Jez Grundy. He came down on his lunch break to take out any frustrations from his morning teaching. Evidently that’s the way to knock 560 golf balls in an hour! We were very close to forcing him to play right-handed, however we did think that a little unfair; the local leftie did himself proud and even put his body on the line, walking away covered in blisters.

Endurance Challenge

Big thanks to Rob Smith down at the Nottinghamshire for organising what seemed like an endless supply of balls.

This is the first time we have tried such a challenge, and we have the vision of doing these kinds of things more often in the future, so we’re very grateful for any support we get.

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