Special indian summer outfits

This last weekend of November 14 and 15 was blessed by the Indian summer in Switzerland. We have played in a bright sunshine and above 15 degrees. But everything has a end, we are expecting snow for the end of this week. That was the occasion to mix up some Bunker clothes to obtain special indian summer outfits, especially a nices one with a scottish pants and my Bunker Playa jacket. Just to let you know this tartan pants was redesigned by a fashion designer to get something more fashionable and more in accordance with the BM’s spirit, otherwise it might bring something horrific for the eyes   Maybe something to be explored in the future All this for a nice saturday on the course.

On Sunday, I was wearing a C Max Golfadelic Polo for my best scorecard of the year.

A quite happy weekend, here are some pics from the golf course and the practice range.

hit it hard and hit it hard again

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