Season 14 Virgin Atlantic Golf League draws to an end

What a great year it has been again as a member of the Virgin Swingers.  My earlier post at the first Society Day at Hankley Common was the start of a rollercoaster year for my golf and for others who now are looking forward to possibly the best prize in Amateur Club Golf…..the grand finale at Streamsong GC in Florida.

Virgin Swingers – All aboard!

I was unable to make the days at Wallasey, the home of Stableford and at Maderas in California over the summer. But September brought the final 2 days down south at Denham GC and Berkhamsted in Bucks and Herts.

Denham’s very traditional Clubhouse

My own scoring is not worthy of publication, but the courses were absolute gems and although local to me were new opportunities to play on some really good tracks.  Steve from Nottingham scooped the Denham day with 36 points and Berkhamsted was won by one of my Denham playing partners Welshman Brin now playing at the RAC club with 41 points.

Ken, Brin and Gilly my Denham partners

Gray and Chilly start at Denham Day….

Earlier this week we had a fantastic day at Berkhamsted and indeed my irons are starting to work again, scoring on the back 9 giving me some encouragement.

What a coincidence though on the practice green to meet up with a fellow Bunker Mentality Ambassador Mark Quamina….we even clashed with the same trousers, but luckily had different jackets on….what were the odds on that!

Ambassadors on duty at Berko….

Really looking forward to Season 15 and hopefully playing better to make a challenge for the final, wherever that may be on the Virgin destinations list.  Anyone needing info on Virgin Swingers message me on twitter @scobbert

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