Samaras Blog: Illustration to reality

Bunker Mentality Garment Design Illustration

How do you begin designing a collection?

Designing a collection can have its challenges but this is an exciting time within team design. We first start with research, which can vary from colours, trends and shapes. This is an essential part that cannot be missed; we need to have a clear vision before we can begin. I usually do a quick sketch to get the initial ideas and then go straight to illustrator where the magic begins. I use the computer to create precise repeat patterns that can easily be manipulated. Once the design is complete it’s then onto colour combinations, this can take a little while to get correct. Something that sounds good in your head doesn’t always work out the same on paper.  Patience is key!

Bunker Mentality Garment Design Illustration

Who’s your favourite illustrator?

I’ve always loved illustrating so I’m always intrigued in other peoples work. Katie Rodgers is an incredible artist from New York City; her work is so emotive and free flowing.  Her artwork shows depth and colour is at the forefront of all of her designs. Please go check her work out on Instagram because it is mind blowing.

Where does your inspiration come from and how do you stay inspired?

With Instagram at my fingertips this has to be at the top of the list. This was one of the first creative platforms I used to showcase my own personal style. It is a great app that allows you to connect with other like-minded people. I take inspiration from photographers, illustrators, artists and just general imagery that catch my attention.  

The amazing thing about inspiration is that it is all around us, sometimes it just passes us by but for someone like me I can see something in the smallest of things. There may be a pattern on a building, a colour on a street sign or an engraving on the floor. My iPhone is always in my hand waiting to capture just that.