Ryder Cup Week is Here!


Ryder Cup 2018 - le Golf national

Thank goodness the Ryder Cup isn’t like every other major sporting event which runs on a four year cycle. I literally don’t think I could cope with a four year gap between the biggest golf match ever. To make it even better, this could be the best Ryder Cup yet. You’ve got two teams filled with golfers that, in their own right, could be (or indeed have been) the world’s best golfer. It’s probably about as even as you’ll get between the two sides; historically America always held a major stronghold and would always enter as favourites. Even during the European dominance over recent years, they were always considered the underdogs.

Ryder Cup 2018 - Team Europe

But what is it that makes the Ryder Cup so special? For me, it’s taking a group of athletes that, week in and week out; compete purely for themselves and placing them in a team environment. Take that and mix it with an opposing team that is just as passionate and desperate to win, and add together some of the most fanatical yet golf-knowledgeable crowds and it gives a buzz that is unrivalled. I think if you asked most golfers, they would rat her be stood on the first tee of a Ryder Cup and soaking up the atmosphere rather than the first tee at Augusta. Yes, The Masters is special in its own right, but the Ryder Cup is something else.

Ryder Cup 2018 - France

At the end of the three days (not that I’m biased in any way) I think it’ll be Europe and Captain Thomas Bjorn lifting the trophy. As strong as the American side is, I think the layout of the course and the wave of “home” support will carry us over the line. Earlier in the year at the HNA France Open, only Justin Thomas had the wherewithal to come over and actually play the course and see what it was all about. I think the Americans really missed a trick here; its not often you get to play the Ryder Cup venue a couple of months before the event when its set up for tournament play. Ultimately, I think this may well be the deciding factor overall.