Redefining the Golf Jacket

We have been working on this jackets for some time now and we have to say we absolutely love it! This is the perfect jacket for the modern golfer. Made from a Cotton / Polyester blend with brush inner, this is the perfect fabric which will keep you warm when it has to, but more importantly allows you complete freedom to swing those 4 irons on the fairways. The key thing about a golf jacket is you need to have flexibility and this delivers that in abundance. You can wear this jacket to warm up before a round or you can wear it all day its so versatile.

The styling is spot on with the funnel neck collar, Bunker embroidered badge on the front chest, and the bold Navy Eagle logo on the back to make this jacket look distinctive. 

Its a great addition to the Bunker Mentality golf jacket range and it looks pretty neat anywhere really. The Beck quilted jacket comes in all sizes, ranging from an XS right through to a 3XL.

Wear it well!

                            beck jacket                                                      beck jacket front