RD2 – Gatton Manor GC

So as Spring had sprung and the temps were perking we wandered out onto the fairways for RD2 of the North Star Society at Gatton Manor, Surrey. As pictured, I thought to bring some colour to my #GameDay outfit, sporting Sub 65 blue trousers and a Tour Stripes Playa polo (still one of my fav’s).

We had 27 guys turn up which is fantastic, and there seemed to be some new toys poking out of some of the bags I noticed! Looks like peeps were bringing their games along this season to compete.
We were back to Gatton Manor again after a good day last year, and although a great layout (and long if you fancy it off the back tee’s) the greens were still in desperate need of some grass in places. Admittedly the weather hasn’t been great so rolling putts well was proving difficult for all. Well I say all, the winner, Richard, seemed to manage just fine with his 38pts off 21HC, so a nice little 2 shot cut will be coming his way next time!

I tried to play conservative, my driving (normally pretty solid) had been off recently so I left it in the bag most of the day and was using my 2 iron to good effect. I struck the ball well, I just couldn’t get the speed of the greens. I was either 4 foot short or 10 past! My Speith putting practice was not wanting to surface and help me score well.

My highlight of the round (not the birdie on the 550yard par 5 17th!) but my 4 iron on the 245yard par 4 11th. Playing down wind and straight over a ravine and stream, missing left, right or short in game over! I struck it so sweetly and was flying just left side of the hole, one “members” bounce on the fringe to the right and she started running up the green. Closer. Closer. Closer! Dink! It lips out the hole, clipping the pin on the way past and finished 10 high of the hole. I’ve never had a hole in one on a par 3, let alone a par 4, and this is as close as I have come to one so far to achieving my golfing goal.

Eagle time! Well, that was the plan. My putting and the greens made for a feeble attempt at eagle, however I secured the birdie. Well chuffed! My playing partner Mick managed to go one better. Another sweet strike from the tee from him, I think he hit driver, and he was pin high but just off the green. His fearless putting managed to box it in 2 for eagle! Well done Mick.
I finished on 27pts playing off 2, so not bad, but still plenty to improve upon for the next round at Woldingham Golf Club in May.

Edit – I’ve just read last years Gatton Manor blog – Same shirt worn (I had washed it), same score 27pts, and same near eagle on the 11th! Spooky stuff!

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