Prostate Cancer UK - The Big Golf Race 2020

In the UK its estimated that 1 in 8 males will experience prostate cancer in their lifetime. The means there's a high chance that someone in your usual 4-ball may be diagnosed.

Prostate Cancer UK is the biggest charity in the UK which is working towards research and development of treatments to help to combat this awful disease. While you may have seen them doing various forms of fundraising before, they're asking golfers to pull together and do their bit in the form of The Big Golf Race.

There's three different 'races' to take part in:

  • The Marathon - 4 rounds of golf in one day
  • The Half Marathon - 2 rounds in one day
  • The Sprint - 1 round, but completed as quickly as possible.

No matter what you physical capabilities are, there's a race for everyone. Of course, guidelines are to be followed with regards to distancing, and people wishing to take part are encouraged to contact their local golf club to ensure that partaking wouldn't be a problem.

As if there wasn't enough incentive to raise as much money as possible, the group of fundraisers who raise the most will win a fantastic golfing trip courtesy of Your Golf Travel.

If you're able to take part, be sure to be wearing your best Bunker Mentality Game Day Outfit, and donate as much as possible to this fantastic cause.